I first want to thank you for your consignments to the last auction also for your purchase. You are a double threat, the best. By the way, I was very impressed with your website. It paints a flattering picture of you and your business.
Josh Evans-Lelands.com

Todd Mueller has reached the top of his profession years ago. I have personally worked with Todd in his office on many occasions. Together we created the Tiger Woods Signature Study. It was during this occasion I realized the vast amount of knowledge Todd has on the subject of autographs. There is no doubt in my mind that Todd has more inventory then any other professional autograph dealer/auctioneer in this business. It is remarkable how he can continue to auction roughly 900 items every week with little difficulty. There are those in this hobby who claim they can authenticate autographs giving you nothing more than an usually uneducated opinion. There is no question that Todd authenticates each and every item his sells, always backed without time limit a 100% money back guarantee. Many need to follow his lead. When collectors and dealers come to me for advice on modern celebrities or modern music I always recommend Todd. No one in the hobby comes close to his expertise in these areas. Todd Mueller is strong in all areas of collecting however he excels in modern music and modern entertainment and sports. To my knowledge, no one comes even close to his expertise in these areas.....
Steve Koschal, Autograph Expert Authenticator

I discovered Bettie Page in the early 1950's, Todd Mueller rediscovered her in the 1990's.
- Bunny Yeager on the BBC hour long program; “The invention of the bra.”

“A Colorado Dealer (Todd Mueller) called me telling me he would pay me $3,000 for Neil Armstrong’s next haircut. I thought about it and told him no. He asked me what I would do with it. I told him throw it away in the trash. He asked me; “How much for your trash?” When I looked at it this way I knew I had to sell it to him.”
-Marx Sizemore, (Neil Armstrong’s barber) on the BBC hour long documentary; “In Search of Neil Armstrong.”

Absolutley Todd knows some autographs very well........ Modern day TV and movies I'm sure he is one of the best.
Roger Epperson- peddler of music autographs

"Todd Mueller once gave a refund to someone who didn't even buy the item from him, I know of nobody else that does that."
Steve Cyrkin- owner of an attack blog site

Hi Todd,
Congratulations on your recent, sizeable acquisition. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you.
Todd, while I don’t want to inconvenience you or impose upon your schedule/plans, could I push/nag/request that you send some number of items NOW (for delivery within the coming week of March 29 – April 2)? This would be tremendously helpful to us, would get your items into our May auction, and might help make a bit of room for your sorting project. I like the idea of 300 – 500 items coming our way at some point, but we have a need to get more items NOW for our May auction. Can I count on you to send a package? Please let me know if that will be possible. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you,
Elizebeth Otto
Consignment Manager
RRAuction Company, LLC

Can you get me out a nice package today? I'll pick up the FED EX cost.
Let me know.
Bob [Eaton]
RR Auction

For you I can move the deadline.
When can you get the stuff here?
Bob [Eaton]
RR Auction

"I could put a million dollars in a vault and leave you (todd mueller) in charge. I know that when I would come back the same amount or more would be in there.”
-John Reznikoff

"Todd Mueller is one of the most powerful dealers in the autograph industry."
-Mike Frost

"This is wonderful. How did you do this? Can I have some more?"

-Ben Hogan upon seeing his card created by Todd Mueller for the Golf’s Greatest set

"You have the passion I had when I was your age. Your doing a wonderful job. My price guide needs your advertisement in it to be complete."
-George Sanders, Author of the Price guide to autographs

Thank you for your email.
I must say that it was a pleasure to speak with you yesterday.
If you have any reports about bogus items on eBay, especially if they are authenticated by PSA, JSA, and/or GAI, please let me know. Our objective is simple. We just want to create a safe place for people to buy and sell authentic autographs. There are no sacred cows here.
John Gonzalez
Trust & Safety

“Todd, Good Job ”
-John Gonzalez on Todd proving a signature deemed authentic on Pawn Stars was instead signed by Albert Ruddy.”
John Gonzalez
Trust & Safety

I really, really like you
- Farrah Fawcett over how Todd Mueller handled her

“I want to thank you for being so overly generous to me.....”
- Bettie Page, Pin - Up Icon on 20 years of dealing with Todd Mueller

"Are you still coming to England? I would love to see you and your wife....I’m so looking forward to seeing you.....”
- Millvina Dean, Youngest survivor on the Titanic

"Todd, All hatred and violent action distrubs me. It shows that we who believe in freedom, justice, good will, peace and prosperity for all God’s children; have much work to do and a long way to go.....would you mind if I talked about you?"
-Rosa Parks, mother of the civil rights movement

Best wishes to you in your parenting of your four wonderful children. I find that praising and encouraging and setting a loving gentle example as a husband are the best things you can do for them.....Byron Nelson, Golf Legend and hall of famer.

"....PS. I do keep and eye on your on-line auction, though I must say I truly miss the old days of getting that Todd Mueller Catalog in the mail. Every catalog was like Christmas
Thanks again."
C. M.

Hello Todd---
Thank you very much for all of your help and expertise recently in confirming that the baseball I purchased on e-Bay that was allegedly signed by Neil Armstrong is a forgery.
I really appreciate your help and the story has a good conclusion. I forwarded your comments to both PayPal and e-Bay. Within about 36 hours I received a confirmation from them assuring me that my money was going to be refunded in full. Today I received a message from my credit card company to let me know that the full amount of my purchase has been credited back to my account.
Thank you so much for your help
Thanks again Todd. My wife and I really appreciate your help

Hello Dennis,
I regret that both these items have recently been sold: one went to Australia the other California.
However, I have do have another Louis B. Mayer letter & I believe another Ali. I will look for these when I return to my office tomorrow. Thank you for your interest & request.
About PSA/DNA, I know some of them personally & too much about them to rely on their authority at the present time.
I believe they are under investigation by federal authorities & I'd rather not get involved.
I would rely on Todd Mueller, as he is knowledgeable in sports & Hollywood (Todd doesn't make big money on authentications, so he has no ulterior motive to Speculate .
I hope that helps. Remember BIG NAMES do not necessarily precede proper procedure or correctness

"Thank you so much for your fast reply. I am very happy to hear the good news. I was never overly concerned but was surprised to see a few of the signed pieces for sale elsewhere. I am a very happy customer and after researching many different dealers you cane back as the most respected online dealer yet. Look forward to buying more from you."
A. G.

"Is this “THE TODD MUELLER?” of Todd Mueller Autographs? I have read about you everywhere. Will you send me a signed picture?"
-A collector of autographs

Thank you, Todd I really appreciate this.
You have redeemed my appreciation of your company.
Best regards,
R. K.

"Thank you I appreciate how fairly you treat me; it sets you above the rest which is why you get most of my business."


Todd, you are a legend.
Thanks for your email im on the hunt now for them to send me a copy of the COA
Thanks very much
Long Time collector

You are a very rare auction house. You may or may not be aware that I really wanted the Abbott & Costello last night. I bid $900 with a reserve of $3,800 and when I woke up I was shocked to see I won it for $900. No other auction house treats me like this. Most would have shill bid the whole thing up close to my ceiling bid but you did not. I am relieved there is at least one honest auction house left in this world. You will forever have my business. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
David R.

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