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Todd Meets Mickey Mantel
Todd meets Mickey Mantle
Todd Mueller was born in 1965 in Portland, Oregon. By the second grade Todd took up his love of collecting by buying comic books with money he saved by doing his chores. Within 3 years he expanded his enterprise with collecting stamps and baseball trading cards, which he amassed a collection of over a quarter of a million cards from the 1960's and 1970's from money he earned on a paper route. In 1978, Todd met his father's childhood baseball hero, Mickey Mantle and obtained his first autograph. He was hooked ever since! Being born and raised in and around Portland, Oregon Todd didn't get the opportunity to meet many celebrities in person, except Mantle, so he turned to the next best thing and began writing to them. Some of his earlier signatures include, Sugar Ray Robinson, Jesse Owens, Roger Maris, and other greats that signed through the mail. He became so fascinated with writing celebrities and their responses from an address book he had purchased that he would later author a similar book. Later on Todd became pen pals with Rosa Parks, Bettie Page, Jimmy Stewart, Hank Greenberg, and many other people from all walks of fame.

Todd Signing Autograph
Todd signing autographs at the
Colorado Legends game.

Todd was a top baseball pitcher at Sherwood High School and went on to play for Lubbock Christian University because they won the 1984 College NAIA World Series. He played at Lubbock Christian University with great players like Randy Valarde who later played for the Oakland A's, Yankees, Rangers and Angels. Todd gave up his dream of playing in the MLB after an arm injury while playing semi-pro ball and went on to graduate from Abilene Christian University in 1990. Todd has been friends with great athletes like Lee Tunnell, Mark Knudson and Otis Birdsong.

ToddTodd on the field

After a short stint in "Corporate America" Todd went out on his own and created "Golf's Greatest Card Set in 1992. Todd paired up with golf legend Ben Hogan who was so impressed with the artist, Bart Forbes that painted the golf set, he requested extra cards to send out as Christmas cards. Bart Forbes captured the essence of all 30 legendary golfers featured in the Golf's Greatest Card set. The original paintings have sold for as much as $10,000 each and have caught the attention of art dealers and collectors. The Golf's Greatest card set has been highly praised and books for $450 each depicting the 30 greatest golfers of all time. Todd wrote the back biographies of each player on his own and the card set is known throughout the hobby as the "Mueller Card set" although it wasn't named that. Cards have shown up signed in various auctions bringing as high as $400 each. Todd still has thousands of these sets but has refused to sell any in the past 10 years with rare exceptions. (click to enlarge images below)

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The beginning of Todd Mueller Autographs, Inc. came when his wife started tripping over thousands of precious autographs Todd had collected over the years. She mentioned that Todd could make a full time business if he sold some of his autographs in an auction. His first autograph auction was in 1994 and he never looked back after getting a taste of success in the autograph industry. Since then, he's built Todd Mueller Autographs from a small one man operation into one of the largest and most successful autograph auction houses in the world. Read some Testimonials

Todd has been a highly regarded member of the Manuscript Society; a Sotheby's Associate, the ADA or German Autograph Club and consults on other matters of authenticity and memorabilia. He understands and has been authenticating autographs for over 20 years full time and knows how people's signatures change depending on circumstances, the pressure points to watch out for, the aging of inks, and the time period in which the signatures were obtained. All of this factors into his determination when reviewing an autograph for authentication purposes. He unfortunately also understands how 3rd party authentication works as he was one for over a year and has been shocked to see his very own autographs taken from his private signings only to be failed under 3rd party authentication review. Authentication is an art, not a science and unfortunately too many don't know what they are doing when they claim to be authenticators. For more on this topic please refer to the Authenticity Page.

Todd is always busy buying new collections, authenticating new material and running the largest private weekly autograph auction house. Over the last couple of years, Todd has created a relic card set containing over 350 relics from historical events, celebrities, sport icons, presidents, notable figures and much more. We will be offering some of the greatest items ever seen on a weekly basis on our website from private signing's never before done to collectibles never before offered.

Toddmuellerautographs.com is the only individually owned website in the world that offers weekly auctions with his own Certificate of Authenticity on every item purchased. He backs up every COA with a life-time guarantee of authenticity. Other autograph dealers might offer a COA but they likely don't guarantee a life-time of authentication. They offer an "Opinion" with no refund, so in other words, most COA's don't back the paper they're written on from a financial perspective.

Todd lives with his wife and five kids in Colorado. Aside from being a family man and running a business, Todd finds time to coach and sponsor little league baseball.

Little League Team

He has also donated autographed items to many charitable organizations over the years and sent college kids on mission trips all over the world. He was featured in the Gazette in February 2014 for his work in the community and autograph industry.
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Todd Mueller Autographs boost sales in the millions and runs weekly autograph auctions. In addition, Todd has conducted numerous private signings, purchased private estates and consulted on several publishing projects. Todd Mueller lives his life with his priorities being God, family, and work in that order.

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